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Welcome to Chynatown, a unisex capsule collection inspired by our roots. Born in New York City, worn worldwide.
  • chynatown mock neck sweatshirt

    sizes: XS,
    us$ 595.00 us$ 300.00
  • chynatown pullover

    sizes: XS,
    us$ 550.00 us$ 275.00
  • chynatown mesh tank

    sizes: XS,
    us$ 250.00 us$ 100.00
  • chynatown t-shirt gown

    sizes: XS, S, M,
    us$ 595.00 us$ 240.00
  • chynatown pleather nylon track pants

    sizes: XS, S, L,
    us$ 795.00 us$ 320.00
  • chynatown pleather nylon puffer jacket

    sizes: XS, S, M,
    us$ 895.00 us$ 450.00
  • chynatown pleather track jacket

    sizes: XS, S, M, L,
    us$ 895.00 us$ 360.00